Your Employment

Your Employment

We offer the great opportunity of working alongside leading automotive technicians and receiving top quality training as well.

  • Your employment

    Based in a local independent garage, you will learn how to service and repair a wide range of cars and vans, building up valuable experience on the job.

    In addition to the on the job training at the independent garage, there will be up to 8 single weeks (20 weeks over 3 years) of training each year, by Bosch trainers. You will travel to Uxbridge and be trained at the state-of-the-art Bosch Service Training Centre. You will learn to diagnose, find faults and how best to repair them, how to service vehicles and carry out every day essential maintenance. Training will not only be provided on the mechanical aspects of motor vehicles, it will also cover electronic systems, ranging from engine management and emission systems to air conditioning and vehicle safety.

    To ensure delivery of the highest quality training experience to apprentices, our programme operates a residential training model. You will be expected to represent your employer and yourself professionally at all times in the workplace, at the Bosch Service Training Centre and if staying at the hotel. Your reputation is our reputation.


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